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If you want to discover the Algarve in a unique way, you are more than welcome aboard ZILT catamaran.

Be ready to say goodbye to all the crowded places , the noise and the traffic. Just enjoy the serenity of sea life.

Watch the dolphins while having a drink, feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the wind blowing through your hair.

Have a fabulous day (or more) together with friends, colleagues and family. Or just the two of you if you have something special to celebrate.

Your ZILT experience starts at 10.00 am. Before we leave the marina of course you get you a short introduction. The wind? The wind decides which way to go.

Anyhow, you are always assured of beautiful bay’s and crystal clear water.

During anchoring in one of the beautiful bay’s of the Algarve you can do whatever you like.

Take a swim in the warm and clear water, grab the kayak or one of the StandUp Paddle Boards. Or…. just be lazy.

3 hour sail (morning)

Your 3 hour morning sail starts at 10.00 am. Enjoy the beautiful coastline and the silence of sailing. We will anchor for a short time so you can have a swim if you want to. Meanwhile we will get you coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit and Portugese pastry. 

3 hour sail (afternoon)

Your 3 hour afternoon sail starts at 14.00 pm. We will sail along the beautiful coast of the Algarve while you enjoy the view, the sun and the silence of sailing. We will anchor for a short time so you can have a swim if you want to. Meanwhile we get you wine, water, juice, nuts and olives.

Day sail

Your day sail starts at 10.00 am.  We will sail along the beautiful coast of the Algarve. At lunch time we will drop anchor in one of the sheltered anchorages. You can do whatever you want but make sure you enjoy! A full day on the beautiful water of the Algarve while we get you fresh fruit, dip food, a platter with ham, cheese and other delicious tapas, beer, wine, soft drinks and water. 

Sunset sail

Your sunset sail starts at 18.00 am. We sail along the coast or we can anchor to see the sun go down. What you prefer. Listen to good music and enjoy delicious tapas and a glass of sparkling wine. You’ll love it.

2 day sail (1 night on anchor)

Ultimate experience for those who love to experience what it is like to live aboard a catamaran.  First day we leave at 10.00 am. The coastline of the Algarve is unbelievably beautiful and the wind decides which we to go. Enjoy the silence of sailing. In the afternoon we will drop anchor in one of the  sheltered bays. You can do whatever you like. Watch the sun go down while enjoying your sundowner. You will not sleep anywhere better than on board catamaran ZILT. During your stay we will spoil you with delicious food and drinks. We do not want you to worry about anything we just want you to have a wonderful time. 

Bespoke arrangements

If you have a special request of a special event you want to organize, please tell us. We love to think allong with you.

If you can dream it we can create it. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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